Our candidate Sophia Lacayo for Commissioner of the City of Sweetwater is recognized, together with her work team, for her leadership and commitment with the community.

Lacayo stands out for her community work in supporting each of the non-profit organizations with the humanitarian objective to change the quality of life of the beneficiaries.

Sophia Lacayo is a strong leader to pursue and support in her candidacy. She has a commitment with the community, she is a woman of progress and with a great heart.

SophiaLacayoForSweetwater 2019 “A better city, A better Community“

Sophia Lacayo will work hard for a better community for all. We are part of the progress. Thanks for your support.

Elect Sophia Lacayo, May 14, 2019. 

Business Community.
As a Progressive Business Woman, I will develop in my city more jobs that will stimulate economic growth.

Every Week we have a campaign day.

Supporting our candidate, Sophia Lacayo for Sweetwater. 

We walk the streets, meet the voters and the community. 

Being part of the volunteer team is a great experience, bust most importantly, you will be part of our history of achievements and changes for the city of Sweetwater. 

Join, participate, be a part of our team of volunteers.

Thank you for your support!

Elect Sophia Lacayo, May 2019.
“A better City, A better community”